Baton Rouge Louisiana police detectives are ramping up their investigation into the disappearance of the Georgia man who was last seen February 22nd leaving a downtown bar. Police in Louisiana's capital city say that Nathan Millard an executive who works in the construction industry, was in town to meet with a client. The two attended the LSU vs Vanderbilt basketball game together.

Following the game, Millard went to Happy's Irish Pub in downtown Baton Rouge. The pub is a two-minute walk from where Millard was staying at the Courtyard by Marriot. Investigators say Millard left the bar at about 11:30 but apparently never made it back to his hotel room.

Authorities were alerted around 9 am the next morning when Millard's client requested a wellness check at the hotel where Millard had booked a room. The client told investigators that he and Millard were supposed to meet at a job site at 8 am but the construction executive never showed. The client went to the Courtyard by Marriot around 9 am and requested the wellness check.

When authorities searched Millard's room they found his personal belongings were still inside and they noted that the bed did not appear to have been slept in. Police recovered Millard's cell phone about four blocks away from the hotel.

Fox News reported that Baton Rouge police apparently showed Millard's wife video footage of an unidentified person using Millard's debit and credit cards. The Fox News report noted that Millard's cards had been used several times including at least once at the Baton Rouge Greyhound bus station.

Texas EguuSearch has joined the investigation and a spokesperson for that organization told the Louisiana Radio Network that video from one of the debit/credit card transactions appears to show a black male using the card.

In addition to investigators from state and local law enforcement agencies members of Texas EquuSearch will be fanning out across the Baton Rouge area again today searching for clues in Millard's disappearance. The group has requested that the public not get involved with their search.

As of now, Millard's disappearance is being treated as a missing person case. However, if you have information or knowledge of Millard's whereabouts or any information that might be helpful to investigators you're encouraged to call the Baton Rouge Police Department at (225) 389-3853.

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