Every man has come across a woman who's just too wild for him. This is that woman.

Police in Santa Fe, N.M. arrested a naked woman who led them on a 100-mile-per-hour chase last weekend.

After Barbara Arellano, 51, crashed her car, she jumped out of the vehicle in her birthday suit and ran across the roadway while trying to evade the authorities once more.

After the boys in blue finally apprehended Arellano, she admitted she "used heroin, took a bunch of pills and drank whisky just before driving." See, we told you -- too wild.

When it came to that little matter of not wearing clothes, Arellano simply said she was hot. She also said she's schizophrenic and bipolar.

Things didn't calm down much once she got to jail, either. She can be seen on video screaming, "Jehovah" and resisting officers. She also refused to let anyone take her blood to see if she was drunk or high.

When all was said and done, Arellano was charged with DWI, reckless driving, fleeing from police and battery on an officer. And, for good measure, she's also been busted on an outstanding warrant for child abuse.

On second thought, maybe wild is too nice to describe her.

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