Nancy Grace was a bit top heavy on during her performance on Monday night's Dancing With The Stars. Maybe you were watching Monday Night Football on ESPN and didn't see her performance but Nancy Grace had a major wardrobe malfunction when she couldn't stop her cups from running over. Literally.


Nancy Grace, 51, experienced her first celebrity wardrobe malfunction when her right breast decided to peek over her dress in a good ol' fashion nip slip. ABC quickly cut away to a crowd shot as a clearly embarrassed Grace gathered herself and buried her face in her partner Tristan MacManus' shoulder.

Nancy, vivacious, alive, and confident," Bruno Tonioli gushed. "It was a bit top-heavy at times, my darling. And I got an eyeful! I couldn't miss that. But it really is great to see you taking over the dance floor and performing.

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DWTS host Tom Bergeron tucked Nancy back in stating "On the European version, that would be perfectly fine,"as he attempted to comfort her after the performance.

UPDATE: Nancy is now saying that her nip did NOT slip on "Dancing With The Stars" last night! Nancy tells TMZ

When I got dressed, I was wearing Petals (nipple covers) and an industrial strength bra ... my dancing dress also had a bra sewn into it. I have been judged guilty without a trial ... I will go to my grave denying the nip slip

Judging someone as guilty with no trial, where have we seen this scenario before?

Is Nancy Grace using the "pasties" excuse to cover up an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction?

She even posted this pic on her Facebook Page (below) to "prove" her claim that we saw petals and not nippage. (is that even a word?)

Scope the video for yourself, and you be the judge!

Watch Nancy Grace Perform on DWTS [NSFW]