Help is on the way, courtesy of the American Red Cross, and volunteers from several states. According to WTVD, Eyewitness 11 News in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, about 20 volunteers from the Raleigh, Fayetteville and the Sandhills region left Thursday (October 8) to head to the Gulf Coast. They are ready to assist those who need it most during and after Hurricane Delta hits the area on Friday.

Sandhills Red Cross Executive Director Phil Harris told WTVD "My job is to work with elected officials and government officials to find spots and neighborhoods that have needs that the Red Cross can respond to". We hope he knows that his efforts to rally the troops to send to our beautiful home state are much appreciated.

Also, WCYB in Bristol, Virginia is reporting that their area is sending Red Cross volunteers as well. Relief Specialist and Disaster Program Manager Sharon Dixon of Bristol just returned from volunteer work in Oregon due to the wildfires, and is now heading to Baton Rouge for at least two weeks to help with post hurricane needs in Louisiana. She told WCYB "We will be there to register the clients as they come into the shelters. We will see what their needs are, and we will see if we can meet those needs. The Red Cross does a fabulous job working with people that might need help."

On behalf of the people of Louisiana, thank you so much.



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