Reports are out saying that NCAA athletes will now be allowed to make money off of their name and likeness, which includes endorsements, starting on July 1, 2021.

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See the news posted to Facebook by SportsCenter below.

More details on the news comes from @AP via Twitter below.

According to the above report, almost half-a-million college athletes across the country will now have the ability to profit off of things like sponsorship deals, endorsements or appearances.

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Why did the NCAA decide to allow players to get paid?

Multiple states had laws ready to go into effect to make this a reality, but the NCAA had to move quickly to make an over-arching rule that allowed all athletes the ability to profit off of their name and likeness.

If not for the NCAA's decisions, some states would have given players this ability while others didn't. This could have created a massive disadvantage for schools outside of states that allowed this form of profit for athletes.

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How will NCAA athletes get paid?

You can expect to see college athletes across the country hustling in a whole new way, selling T-shirts, popping up at events, etc. Basically, whatever NCAA athletes can do (without violating the codes of conduct in place) to make a buck, you will probably see it happen.

After all, these are college kids we are talking about. Even the star quarterback at a Division I school could be running off of pennies in their bank account. Now that the NCAA has opened up this possibility, it will at least give athletes a chance to make their own money off of their own name.

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After all, isn't that exactly what the NCAA has been doing for all of these years without compensating the athletes?

But, let's not live in the past and just be happy the NCAA finally got something right. Even if their hand was somewhat forced...

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