Netflix is clearly on the rebound.

After losing almost 2 million subscribers in the first part of 2022 and cutting nearly 300 jobs that summer, things are looking way up for 2023.

According to their job listings website, Netflix is hiring a flight attendant and the salary might make you cry: $385,000.

The lightweight requirement mentioned above is you have to be able to carry 30 pounds in luggage and equipment. Oh, and you also have to be a certified flight attendant. That's it.

Since this is a private jet, the job requirements also ask that the ideal candidate can provide "confidential air transportation" and should be able to perform their jobs with "discretion"

Flying celebrities? Favorite Netflix stars? Billionaires. All of the above.

It should be noted that the starting salary is $60,000. It goes up to $385,000, and you'll be based out of San Jose, CA -- near the Netflix headquarters in Los Gatos.

Salary will be paid based on flight experience.

What are you waiting for? Apply now. You'll probably be 18309410 out of infinite applications. Good luck :)

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