Netflix users who watch on their televisions will see a big change to their interface starting today. In place of the old row of categories (basically Netflix-ese for genres) there is now a whole “Category Hub“ which not only collects these genres, it also takes a subscriber’s tastes into account and populates it with their most-liked picks.

According to Netflix’s official blog, the new Hub is meant to allow users to “easily find their favorite genres and discover new categories of films, series and specials, all in one place.”

Here’s more, from Netflix’s blog:

Starting today, you can find this hub in the left-hand menu on both adult and kids’ profiles. There, you’ll see your personalized Top 3 categories based on what you love to regularly watch. This new immersive experience will also include curated collections to celebrate local holidays like Earth Day or International Women’s Day, as well as globally popular categories like anime, drama, and children & family for when you’re in the mood for something different.

This new feature comes just a few weeks after Netflix revamped their method for users to rate what they watch on the service, adding a two thumbs up button — meant to express that you loved a title — to the existing thumbs up and thumbs down. Whether any of these additions actually lead to markedly improved recommendations for Netflix subscribers remains to be seen. But they’re trying at least.

The new Category Hub is available now for all Netflix TV users. The blog post doesn’t indicate when users on other platforms like tablets or computers will be able to access it.

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