More roundabouts for Acadiana, this time in New Iberia.

KATC TV3 is reporting that the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development began work this week on two brand new roundabouts in Iberia Parish.

The roundabouts will be built on either side of Highway 90 at its intersection with Louisiana Highway 88 (Coteau Road).

via Google Maps
via Google Maps


According to Taylor Toole's reporting, the roundabouts will be single-lane roundabouts, built where the on/off ramps for Highway 90 meet up with Highway 88.

Deidra Druilhet, the public information officer for the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development was quoted in the story as citing increased development in the area as one of the reasons for the improvements.


The DOTD, as Druilhet says, is moving forward with the project to improve infrastructure due to increased traffic flow and to improve driver safety.

There may be some inconvenience for motorists during construction but, as we understand, there will not be any detours, as KATC is reporting that crews will be "working with the flow of traffic to get the job done".

Of course, if you'd like to take the initiative to avoid the area until the work is complete, I am certain that the DOTD would appreciate that. Any reduction in traffic will mean safer working conditions for the crews trying to get the job done.

Speaking of "done": Spring of 2023 is when you can expect to be able to fully navigate the new roundabouts.

And if you are still unsure of how to properly use a roundabout, please surrender your driver's license at your earliest convenience. Or, just study this video.


Happy motoring!

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