We just got our hands on the new Lady Gaga single titled, 'Judas'. Gaga was originally slated to release the track on April 19, but who follows release dates these days ? 'Judas' has Gaga singing about a lover she knows might not be the right one for her, but she can't resist. It almost has a 'Bad Romance' vibe. With an 80's vibe mixed with hard hitting synths this track is "totally Gaga." 

This is Gaga's second single from her upcoming album Born This Way, due out on May 23. The video, directed by Gaga and her creative director Laurieann Gibson will be dropping within a few weeks.

Just before she decided to release the track early, Gaga tweeted this to her little monsters:

"#PawsUpForJudas! I've learned love is like a brick, you can build a house or sink a dead body."

Hear it here first and tell us what you think of Gaga's latest offerings.


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