Mike Posner‘s new video finds the remix of his single ‘Bow Chicka Wow Wow’ transforming people, places and moods in humorously romantic ways.

Trashy apartments become groovy ’70s bachelor pads (complete with a oddly calm, seated Lil Wayne), Posner’s close-cropped hair and preppy clothes turn into a big afro and psychedelic patterns, and most importantly, a reluctant female suddenly can’t keep her hands off our hero when he puts the song on his stereo.

Later, an elegant but stuffy restaurant seems to have Mike’s date falling asleep, even as he tries to ply her with flowers and stuffed animals.  Luckily, he knows what to do. As soon as he puts his CD onto the house sound system, the contents of the table get thrown aside and the couple makes tracks for home.

In the end, the apartment goes back to its original shabby shape, but Lil’ Wayne and Mike Posner both get their girls, so the song did its job. Actually, they both get both girls, if you pay enough attention to the closing scene…