A new nonprofit has been formed to assist with the search for the missing crew of the Seacor Power amidst the United Cajun Navy announcing they are stepping away.

Gulf Coast Humanitarian Efforts nonprofit has been established by volunteers along with Scott Daspit, the father of Delcambre native Dylan Daspit, who is one of seven men still missing.

All donations will go toward the continued search.

"We essentially started with a net-zero balance to fund this search and rescue when the United Cajun Navy stepped away," explained Gulf Coast Humanitarian Efforts Vice President Christifer DeRouen.

Now that the Coast Guard and United Cajun Navy have bowed out of the search, it is up to volunteers to keep the search efforts going.

DeRouen was one of the early volunteers. And he can sympathize with the families, having lost a child himself.

"I followed every bit of news that would be released just like everyone else enthralled with the entire situation, and there was a Sunday where I just said, 'I can't just watch,' and I drove down to Fourchon," DeRouen told KLFY.

DeRouen and the group have teamed up with Lift Acadiana for their fundraising efforts. Donations can now be made online directly to the families or for the search.

Unfortunately, there were questions by the public over the United Cajun Navy's use of donated funds. DeRouen was one of those skeptics. "There was a lack of faith in the way that certain things were being run is the best way I can put it, but the only way that myself and others, Mr. Scott Daspit, felt comfortable moving forward was to have our hand in it," he said.

Derouen added that one of the big reasons he was helping to start the Gulf Coast Humanitarian Efforts was to help prevent Mr. Scott Daspit from going broke finding his son. He also wants to make it easy for boats to join in on the search by providing fuel, food, and more.

The search effort is resuming from Port Fourchon and expanding westward. More technology will be used. And the amount of time passed is more likely to make finding remains easier.

"No matter what, until the families are done, we're not done," concluded DeRouen.

To make a donation to either Gulf Coast Humanitarian Efforts, which is for search and rescue, or Lift Acadiana, which goes to the families, visit this site.

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