According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, Anthony Davis has been traded to the Los Angeles Lakers.

The reported deal sends AD to L.A. in exchange for Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and three first-round picks—including the #4 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.

This ends months of speculation on where Davis would end up, especially in the wake of the controversy created by the first attempt to get him to L.A. Now, Davis will be the second star that the Lakers were looking for to pair up with LeBron James.

This also means that Lonzo Ball will be headed to NOLA to pair up with the presumed #1 pick Zion Williamson on top of that #4 overall pick. The Lakers will be instant title contenders in 2019-2020, but the Pelicans could easily end up being one of the hottest young teams in the league.

Story developing...

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