New Orleans rapper Dee-1 produced a song, "Sallie Mae Back," and its all over the internet this week. The song is about paying-off his student loans, something the New Orleans native knows all about.

The rapper's real name is David Augustine and he was once a middle school teacher in Baton Rouge. However, when a major record label came knocking, Augustine answered and hit the tour.

Still, he knows the pains of paying back student loans once you graduate, and here's a song that most can relate to.

The video, which was partly shot in front of Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, shows every emotion of becoming debt free. Yes, lots of celebrating!!!

I looked on his Facebook page and the creditor, Sallie Mae, responded to his song and they LOVE IT!! Can you say free advertisement?

Hey, we love it too and we say congratulations not only on paying off your debt Dee-1, but also on having a smash on the internet!!!

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