NEW ORLEANS, La. (KPEL News) - The fight to legalize recreational marijuana in the state will continue in the upcoming Louisiana Legislative Session as a New Orleans representative has filed the first in a package of bills that would do so.

Over the last few years, the argument for recreational marijuana to be made legal has been bolstered not so much by the freedom to be able to smoke it without being arrested but because it can be taxed and bring in lots of money for state government.

Rep. Candace Newell,
Rep. Candace Newell,

District 99 Democrat Rep. Candace Newell tells our news partners at Louisiana Radio Network that she wants the state to regulate the cultivating of cannabis for recreational use and compares it to another industry whose product was once considered illegal - alcohol.

We want to have a handle on who’s growing it, so we know where it’s coming from…and you’re just not willy-nilly growing it in your back yard...Just as alcohol. You have a license to sell alcohol. If you don’t have a license you can’t sell it. The same will be with recreational marijuana…if I can get this bill passed.

According to, 22 states plus the District of Colombia have legalized recreational marijuana and, expectedly, those states are making quite a bit of money off of it.

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Since medicinal marijuana was legalized in Louisiana, LRN points out the state has expanded the program to not only allow more treatment options but to also allow more cannabis "pharmacies" to operate. Rep.  Newell says she has separated the package into three bills dealing with legalization, regulation, and taxation with each bill "do(ing) its own thing." She says the Department of Agriculture would be authorized to create and issue up to 10 cannabis production facilities under his legislation. Applicants would be required to undergo criminal background checks and fees would be established for production permits.

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