The New Orleans Saints are in full-swing of minicamp and seem to be having a really good time. A recent video was posted from the Saints indoor practice facility after a group of offensive players celebrated a good session in classic Bobby Boucher fashion.

Henry Winkler And Adam Sandler Star In The New Movie Waterboy
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Of all of the great football films, 'The Waterboy' is hands down my favorite. Adam Sandler playing a senseless brute from Louisiana as "Bobby Boucher" is probably one of the great characters the genius actor and movie producer has come up with.

Of course, the world of football loves this movie too and apparently - so do the New Orleans Saints.


After an offensive period during minicamp at the Saints indoor practice facility today, the crew got together to congratulate one another on a job-well-done.

But how did they celebrate? It seems as though they took a page out of Bobby Boucher's book.


New Orleans Saints Celebrate at Minicamp like Bobby Boucher in 'The Waterboy'

See the moment for yourself via @BootKreweMedia on Twitter below.

Yes, everyone really came together to "slap hands" in a fun fashion. If you don't quite remember the hilarious moment from 'The Waterboy', check it out below via YouTube.

The Saints seem to be coming together quickly during minicamp as they prepare for the upcoming season. The #WhoDatNation must love to see a team gel so well so early on in the process.

There have already been some highlights coming out of Saints minicamp, like the stellar one-handed catch made by Jarvis Landry.

Twitter via @Jeff_Nowak
Twitter via @Jeff_Nowak

I hope the Saints carry on the "slap hands" celebration into the season. I would love to see this happen after a touchdown in the Superdome!


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