There's a new app out there and teens are loving this one.

With so many apps available at your fingertips, it takes something special to have people gravitate towards it.

Well, whoever developed the social media app "BeReal" knew what they were doing and who to target.

The new app, which young people are loving, alerts you once a day to take a photo of yourself at the moment.

There are no filters involved and there's no "staging" of the photo. The objective here is to post authentic photos of yourself at that moment.

What's cool about this app is that you only have two minutes to post the photo after the alert and there are no editing tools. Thus, you get these authentic photos of yourself and of others.

Here are some of the other rules on the "BeReal" app: There are no scheduling posts, no drafts, no backlog of posts on your profile, you don't use hashtags, and no retaking posts more than once a day.

As you may expect, some love this app, while others do not. Most who don't like the app say that the time limit makes them too anxious to get a photo up, which can only happen once a day.

Check out what some are saying about the new app that has caught on with teens.


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