First Responders
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There is a brand new tool being used by employees of Lafayette's 911 Communications Center.

Officials with the center report, in a press release, that the new software is being used to increase emergency response for Lafayette.

911 Director of Lafayette Parish,

Lafayette Parish 911 is leveraging advanced 911 technologies, such as Mark43 and Carbyne, to make citizens and first responders safer. Both solutions are built for the digital age, providing benefit to our 911 center today, and in the future. Implementing Carbyne's technology, provides our citizens with easily accessible, next generation emergency services-ultimately decreasing time to dispatch and saving more lives.

The 'C-Lite' software will offer live video calls and enhanced visibility. The goal is to make communication better and emergency response improved.

With this new software, emergency officials will be able to pinpoint your location via your cell phone. So, if you are out taking a walk for example and need help, they can come straight to you.

The new software will also allow for instant-messaging of emergencies if you can't verbally report the incident.

According to officials with Carbyne, this technology has helped to reduce response times by 65% in the other areas where it has been deployed.


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