Louisiana loves Sonic for all the obvious reasons: Sonic blasts, hot dogs, and other hand-held favorites. Whether you like to hang out in the drive-in after school or grab a Route 44 in the drive-thru, you know Sonic will get you in and out.

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Sonic's menu really does have something for everyone and even then they are still introducing new items, and the newest addition is sure to make fans of the drive-in ecstatic.

Our SONIC® Tots are iconic, but we thought it was time to give them some competition

It's no secret that tater tots are where Sonic shines, and their french fries are often looked at like the ugly step-sister, well, not anymore.

Introducing Sonics New 'Groovy Fries'

Sonic is preparing to introduce a new take on its once-forgotten fries. They have not updated their fries in over ten years, but they are taking them to the next level with these 'Groovy Fries'. Fans will be eager to dip these crinkle-cut, perfectly salted fries along with their 'Groovy Sauce, ' which is a creamy ranch combined with the mild spice of Sriracha and herbs.

With the new Groovy Fries, we’re redefining what a fast-food fry can be and giving folks another reason to say yes, I would like fries with that!

Sonic Fans can expect to get their hands on these new 'Groovy Fries' here in Louisiana, and nationwide, mid-May.

SONIC® will soon introduce fans everywhere to Groovy Fries, a new fry that’s hot, crisp, perfectly salted, and made with fry lovers in mind. The brand’s first update to its fries in more than 10 years, Groovy Fries offer both improved taste and functionality with grooves made for perfect dipping. Groovy Fries, along with a new Groovy Sauce, will arrive at SONIC locations nationwide by mid-May, and the brand promises more fun and crave worthy surprises in the months ahead.

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