If you asked anyone in Louisiana about how people drive here we can almost guarantee they would say we have some of the worst drivers here in our state. Going down Johnston Street in Lafayette is always a risk because some people treat the middle lane like a freeway. However, there is always a chance that you will get stuck behind that one person who has absolutely nowhere to be. Not to mention the Baton Rouge Bridge is a free-for-all. Every man for himself.

According to Forbes Advisor, there were 413 people injured in road rage shootings and in some states, you are at a higher risk of getting in accidents as a result of road rage.

With all that being said, Forbes Advisor conducted a survey to determine which states have the most confrontational drivers. Luckily for us, this survey has nothing to do with how we drive but rather how we act in traffic, and according to this survey we actually came out on top for once.

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Joshua Wordel Via Unsplash
Joshua Wordel Via Unsplash

The survey broke down the data collected into 3 main categories:

  • Top Reasons for Road Rage
  • Where Do Drivers Experience Road the Most
  • How Confrontational Driving Can Impact Car Insurance Rates

10,000 licensed drivers, 200 in each state, were surveyed in the United States and asked about their driving habits and the reasons they experience road rage, or how often they witness it while out on the road.

The top reasons for road rage are heavy traffic, already feeling stress, running late, already feeling angry, and feeling tired. According to the survey, drivers experience road rage most frequently on freeways or highways, parking lots, intersections, and rural roads. Not only that, Confrontational driving can impact your insurance. The average insurance rate increases by 45% if your vehicle is damaged during an accident and 47% if you cause the accident and it results in injuries.

How Did Louisiana Rank?

Out of all 50 states, we came out #47. Being at the bottom of the list is actually a good thing in this case. According to the survey, Louisiana drivers have more manners in traffic than we thought. Arizona is ranked as the state with the most confrontational Drivers and received a perfect 100/100 score. Delaware received a 0/100 making them the state with the least amount of road rage incidents.

Below is the methodology behind how the survey was conducted.

Forbes Advisor Website
Forbes Advisor Website


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