Hannah Gard is working her dream job as a TV meteorologist at FOX 8 in New Orleans, but this week she went viral for her footwear on set.

Hannah posted a photo of herself standing with fellow Fox 8 Meteorologist Zach Fradella, wishing everyone a happy 4th of July.

Somehow, Hannah's picture caught the attention of Twitter user @TASH__P who reposted her photo with the caption "This is why you can't watch Fox News." @TASH__P posted another photo that was cropped to show emphasis on Hannah's Nike Air Force One tennis shoes.

Criticism and jokes over the condition of Gard's sneakers began to pour in as the tweet went viral.

It was even picked up on Instagram by NiceKicks, one of the most popular brands when it comes to sneaker culture. Instantly, their nearly five million followers joined in on the conversation over Hannah's worn Air Force Ones.

The comments ranged from those who felt like Hannah shouldn't be wearing "dirty" shoes on set. Others criticized the trend of anchors visibly wearing tennis shoes during their broadcasts altogether.

Instagram, NiceKicks
Instagram, NiceKicks

Soon, Hannah's footwear would catch the attention of tens of thousands of people who all had hot takes on her choice of footwear.

Instagram, NiceKicks
Instagram, NiceKicks

But were people giving her an unfairly hard time for her Forces?

First of all, she was catching Fox News strays when she actually works for a local Fox affiliate (Fox 8) in New Orleans. The fact that she's reporting in New Orleans right now gives her instant street cred.

Those Forces have definitely pounded some of the meanest streets in America.

Besides that, tennis shoes on set are a very normal site—from local markets like Hannah's team in NOLA to national news and sports broadcasts. She even did a video showing a BTS look at her colleagues and their kicks.

Also, even though she wore "dirty shoes" to set, doesn't mean they were ever seen by the viewers at home.

As a matter of fact, I'm willing to bet any of Hannah's shots don't include her feet at all.

And if they do, I'm sure she changes into shoes more appropriate for her broadcast—like the heels she's seen sporting here on her first day at Fox 8.

This is something that we've actually seen on her social media.

Not to pull back the curtain on anyone, but more times than not, your favorite anchors are as comfortable as they can possibly be behind the desk or anywhere that isn't in the frame. Just ask local News 10 anchor D'Alfred Jones who also got a shout-out on NiceKicks recently.

So, in conclusion, let's appreciate our local anchors and give them a break while they give their feet a break. As we know, the internet is an easy place to get roasted, but we're gonna give Hannah a break on this one.

Actually, based on her fun-spirited posts, she's probably laughing at all of this. We reached out to her for comment and if she replies, we'll definitely let you know what she thinks about all of this.

By the way, when it comes to radio broadcasters (where no one can see us) we put Hannah to shame in the casual comfort category on a daily basis.

And trust me, you don't wanna see it. 😅

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