It's every football player's dream, to win the Super Bowl!!! You are not only crowned World Champion, you also get the the honor of raising up the Lombardi Trophy, and wearing the Super Bowl Ring you have earned. Well, current Super Bowl Champs, The Green Bay Packers, may have to wait a little longer than they anticipated to get their championship rings.With the current on-going labor dispute between the league and the players association, all football activities have been out "on hold" until a resolution is reached. That being said, the communication between players and owners has since been cut-off. This in effect has slowed down the process of designing the this years Super Bowl Rings.

Some say that not allowing this process to move forward shows just how sour this negotiations between the league and player's association has gotten in recent weeks. Should a group of men who have achieved a life-long dream be deprived of their prize because the league and the association can't reach an agreement. It absurd to think that the league, the NFL, would not allow this championship team to awarded what they rightfully deserve. In my opinion, the league is saying that if you don't give us what we want, we too will hold you hostage of your achievement(s) until we get what we want. Its sad enough to think that we may not have professional football next season, but yet it saddens me more that this league would not allow THEIR World Champs to be rewarded appropriately or in a timely manner.

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