Nick Jonas recently tackled Kanye West's "Only One" and we can't get over it.

While Kanye's original is heavily auto-tuned (a style choice that totally works with the song), Nick's version is slightly more stripped-down, showing off his raw vocal talent. We love how Nick transforms the song into something almost old-school, sonically, also while delivering some a cappella-style harmonizing that practically has us weeping. This is one that is going to be on repeat all day, because Nick Jonas and because Friday. Listen to it above.

In addition to casually covering Kanye West, Nick also hopped across the pond and visited Oxford University, where he gave a speech in which he discussed things like recording secret messages in songs with Demi Lovato. Say what?!

"That was our goal: Let's find a way to slide these references in where only the person who listened to it will know," the "Jealous" singer recalled about writing with Demi.

According to Now magazine, Nick was also critical of the Disney Channel during his speech, explaining that Disney "doesn't make role models, it creates characters." You can see highlights from his speech in the video below.

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