We are still learning more about Nick Saban's days while at LSU.

A report in the Advocate suggests that Nick Saban only ate at one local restaurant while he was in Baton Rouge coaching the LSU Tigers.

This comes after Michael Casagrande, who reports on the Alabama Crimson Tide, Tweeted that Saban only ate at one restaurant while in Baton rouge and only eats at one restaurant in Tuscaloosa.


The report in the Advocate, which came out in early November, spoke to Gino Marino who owns Gino's Restaurant in Baton Rouge and he said Saban frequented his restaurant.

Marino doesn't know if the former coach at LSU went to other local restaurants during his time in the Capital City, but he can still recall what Saban would order.

The owner of Gino's says that Saban was always polite and always very business-like when he'd introduce himself.

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If you're wondering what the National Championship winning coach ordered from Gino's it was veal cutlet and pasta, according to Marino.

In addition to noting how often Saban went to his restaurant in the past, Gino Marino tells the Baton Rouge publication that current LSU Coach Brian Kelly is a regular at Gino's Restaurant too.

Marino tells the Advocate that Coach Kelly knows his food and wine very well.


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