After going Pop with Pepsi, it looks like Nicki Minaj is kicking it with Adidas. The ‘Starships’ rapper has inked another endorsement deal with the sneaker giant and shot a commercial for it in Brooklyn, N.Y. Nicki went on her Twitter to show off a picture of her in a colorful outfit that she was wearing for the Adidas spot.

The photo shows the Harajuku Barbie donning a puffy blue coat with pink stockings, yellow leggings and bright technicolor kicks. The ad was for fashion designer Jeremy Scott’s new Fall / Winter 2012 campaign for Adidas. Scott is famous for his unique shoe line, which features wings and animals on the sneakers.

Minaj’s new venture with Adidas follows her list of endorsement deals with brands such as OPI, MAC and Pepsi. The Grammy-nominated rapper just recently shot a commercial for Pepsi’s new “Pop” drink, which earned her a seven-figured payday.

Minaj is not the only Young Money artist hawking soda products. Rapper Lil Wayne is the new pitchman for Mountain Dew, which is also owned by Pepsi, and Drake reps for Sprite, owned by Pepsi’s competitor, Coca-Cola.