Continuing the theme of rappers going in on Donald Trump, Nicki Minaj called out the republican presidential hopeful and his wife Melania during the Tidal X show last night (Oct. 15).

Minaj took time out in the middle of her set to vent a bit. "It's o-motherfucking-k. Cause Barack needed a Michelle, bitch. And Bill needed a motherfucking Hillary, bitch," she yelled to the crowd. "You better pray to God you don't get stuck with a motherfucking Melania. You niggas want brainless bitches to stroke your motherfucking ego. Fuck you nigga."

Trump has very few wins in the hip-hop community, and has been getting clowned by artists on seemingly a weekly basis. recently spoofed the real estate mogul on a new video for a track titled "Grab'm By the Pussy."

Lil Jon recently admitted that Trump called him an Uncle Tom on multiple occasions while he was a contestant on the show Celebrity Apprentice.

North Carolina rapper Rapsody called Trump out for his recent misogynistic comments, penning an essay on the topic for Billboard. “The media paints hip-hop — and most things dealing with black culture — as the catalyst for all world problems. In reality, however, you hate hip-hop because it turns the mirror on America and shows her just how ugly she has been to many. Misogyny isn’t a hip-hop problem, it’s an American problem,” she wrote in part.

Even Trump's one-time supporter Azealia Banks has changed her tune.

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