Nicki Minaj's three-part E! miniseries wasn't the most savory depiction of the rapper. It was edited to show her as a major diva, and perhaps even a B-word. She was pushy, bossy, whiny and seemed generally unpleasant to her staffers during much of the first and second episode. It was jarring to see her like that, since even though we know and love her as a diva, she always seems so cute.

Well, Minaj's camp clearly saw that the series was making her look like a difficult "handful," and sprung to action to correct that perception. Minaj gave an interview, talking about how divadom is a fleeting moment in her life and how her new gig as an 'American Idol' judge gives her discipline.

The rapper said that her beloved Barbz know who and how she is, but the world doesn't know the real Nicki. She admits that non-fans might not know "that I am not always like that. When they see me running around and changing wigs, saying, 'Oh, where is the steamer?' That lasts for a minute. We're laughing and cracking jokes like 10 minutes later."

That we don't doubt, Nicki!

She addressed why she might have seemed so difficult, saying, "When you deal with a lot of stuff, your emotions are passionate, and you are in the heat of the moment, and juggling a lot of things, with severe deadlines you have to make." So, she's really just letting off a steam with her attitude.

She also addressed her new job on 'American Idol,' saying she couldn't wrap her brain around this major opportunity when it passed across her desk. She did not talk about her feud with co-judge Mariah Carey, instead choosing to talk about what the show has taught her.

"The very long days, I am not used to having to show up somewhere at a specific time," she admitted. "I've been my own boss for a few years. This is adding discipline back into my life, since people are affected by what I do."

But no matter how famous or rich Minaj gets, she will never forget where she came from, insisting, "I always remember when I didn't have anything and I had to work hard. I will never stop working that hard." Amen, sister!