Since the release of Queen on Aug. 10, the internet has tried to reignite a feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. Now, Power 105.1's DJ Self has found himself in a beef with the Queens rapper after saying Cardi's Invasion of Privacy is the best album out from a female rhymer.

"So you really mad who got the best female album out now talk to me," Self wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post. Minaj caught wind of what the DJ had to say and went in on him on social media, claiming he was mad because she didn't give him a hug and refused to record a drop for him.

"He's made [sic] cuz I refused to give him a drop or a hug," Nicki wrote in a now-deleted tweet, adding that Self was just dissing Cardi B before praising her. "He was just up there dissin the btch thinking that would make me fuk wit him. Lmao. Jokes on you once again dummy. Passed up on ya meal tkt now u get crumbs from her table. Ur a reality tv hoe. Used to be a respected DJ."

But the "Ganja Burn" rapper didn't stop there. Nicki claimed Self was in the studio during her appearance on DJ Clue's show and said the DJ was trying to get a hug from her. "Where my hug face ass nigga. Dissin another female rapper won't me like you," she continued. "You hold no weight in this city. Nigga look @ ya roster. I did Clue show & he was up there looking like a sad kid. Asking for a drop trying to get a hug. I won't give you a drop, ur not a Dj HOE."

Nicki then threatened Self, claiming she would be back the next day with some "hungry niggaz" and hinted at revealing something the DJ said about Cardi B. "Why you wait til I leave? I got some hungry niggaz wit me bitch. I'll be back tmrw," she tweeted. "Should I tell the people what you told me about her????? You would want me to spread that rumor. You're bitter. And it shows."

Self eventually responded to Nicki's rant, claiming he never asked her for a hug and saying the rapper is only using the feud to promote her album. "Well there you have it i never asked for a Hug or a drop truth is i said Hi she said hi back never knew she had an Issue with me we only speak when she has a project dropping so by that i know what my relation is with her," he wrote in a deleted Instagram post.

The DJ also got support from Love & Hip Hop: New York star Mariah Lynn. "@nickiminaj what type of hoe time are you on?" she asked. "Crazy how you disrespecting a man who has helped so many people to advance and elevate their career but I can't think of one single person that you have?"

While it's uncertain if the feud between Minaj and DJ Self is over, the rapper teased the next episode of her Queen radio show, tweeting, "Whew Chile #QueenRadio gon be steamy on Thursday."

Check out the posts from DJ Self and Nicki Minaj below.

@NICKIMINAJ via Twitter
@NICKIMINAJ via Twitter
@NICKIMINAJ via Twitter

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