It’s safe to say that Nicki Minaj redeemed herself to her critics of her Grammy performance. The spectral-wigged starlet took the stage at the NBA All-Star game, performing new and old tracks, and she killed it! Minaj started slow, performing ‘Moment for Life’ in a white and silver hooded body suit and short, ladylike lavender wig. Minaj rocked not only her performance, but also a huge ring reading “QUEEN” in bling that could blind a man. We do admit that we missed Drake, though!

After ‘Moment for Life,’ Minaj launched into ‘Turn Me On,’ her insanely catchy track with David Guetta. Following the song, honors were given to the actual NBA All-Stars — though we know who the real star of this show was.

After awards were doled out, the Harajuku Barbie emerged in a neon green, long, straight wig. Flanked by lots of dancers (some shirtless), smoke and bright lights, Minaj danced her ample behind off to ‘Starships.’ She was clearly backed by a vocal track for the song’s hooks (if not more), but given the amount of moving she did, it’s not uncommon nor would it be unexpected.

The Eastern Conference All-Stars were announced following ‘Starships,’ during which Minaj made another quick wig change, this time to a short one similar to her ‘Moment for Life’ performance — except in her signature pink! Minaj rocked out to ‘Super Bass’ to close her performances. Though this track also had a recording behind it, Minaj relied on it much less.

Stick to this kind of thing, Barbie — you don’t need the Pope to put on a good show!

Watch Nicki Minaj Perform ‘Moment for Life’ and ‘Turn Me On’ at the NBA All-Star Game

Watch Nicki Minaj Perform ‘Starships’ and ‘Super Bass’ at the NBA All-Star Game