Although Nicki Minaj was able to air out her grievances with Hot 97 during her heated interview with DJ Funkmaster Flex, she’s still pissed off about the whole incident, according to TMZ. Minaj is so angry that she reportedly has taken an oath to never grace the Summer Jam stage again . . . Ever.

Ever, forever, ever?

Sources have told TMZ that Minaj stands behind her boss, Lil Wayne, and when Hot 97 requested her to return for Summer Jam 2013 she unequivocally said “No.”

We also like to point out that TMZ refers to Minaj as a “singer” throughout their story, which lends to the credibility of how accurate this report is, but we digress.

The ‘Beez in the Trap’ rapper feels that she was totally disrespected by Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg — who still stands by his comments about Minaj’s song ‘Starships’ — and doesn’t want to be around negative people. Lauryn Hill, who performed at Summer Jam, was very supportive of Minaj’s decision to nix her performance. “I do support artists standing by their beliefs, and walking with integrity,” she said. “We have to find a better way to commercially exploit music, while giving artists their proper respect.”

For his part, Rosenberg called TMZ and said that he has no beef with Minaj but still believes that ‘Starships’ is “wack and corny.” Also, Hot 97′s program director Ebro Darden has come out and said that Rosenberg will not be fired for his remarks. Hopefully, this Summer Jam 2012 fiasco can be resolved and Nicki Minaj and Hot 97 can go their separate ways.

There’s a silver lining in all of this mess: Minaj appeared on Power 105′s Breakfast Club morning show Tuesday morning (June 5) and announced plans to hold a free concert in New York to make up for the fans who were disappointed in not seeing her at Summer Jam.

Nick Minaj Clears Air on the Summer Jam 2012 Fiasco on the Breakfast Club

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