Lauren London delivered a heartfelt eulogy to her late boyfriend Nipsey Hussle at his memorial service on Thursday (April 11) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

London shared a message that she wrote to him after watching him sleep in the morning when he was alive. “You made more into a woman and you have given me an opportunity to love a man,” she read in part, adding, “I learn so much about myself with you. You have been my turn up and my church.”

Others offering touching words on the memory of Nipsey were the likes of Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar, who both left written statements dedicated to the late rapper for the memorial.

"A true King will be tested in adversity. To stand in fearlessness in what he believes will impact on earth, as well as in heaven. So thank you Nipsey The Radical. Nipsey The Husband. Nipsey The Friend. Nipsey The Great. And from now on, Nipsey The Messenger…... Shalom," wrote Kendrick.

You can watch Lauren London’s speech at the memorial service below.

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