There is no amount of water that can break the spirit of the people here in south Louisiana.

Sure, water may destroy homes or businesses, but we will rebuild. The power of water may even move cars and other objects, but one thing it will NEVER DO and that is break the spirit of those in the bayou state.

I looked at this photo for several minutes and I asked myself, "Should I share this with our audience?" Then, something told me to DO IT!! So I am.

Take a close look at these men's surroundings. They are standing in 3-5 inches of water, yet they are still doing what we do here---cooking and inviting others to join-in.

You see, not even the "Flood of 1,000 Years" can stop us from doing what we do. We'll still cook, we'll still invite others to come over, and we'll continue to live life as is.

I am thankful that these men decided to share this photo. It reminds me of who we are. Flood or No Flood.

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