Ville Platte will not have trick-or-treating this Halloween due to COVID-19. According to KATC, Mayor Jennifer Vidrine made the announcement during a recent council meeting stating that coronavirus pandemic is still prevalent and she will not take any risks.

Vidrine also stated that there would be no haunted houses or large gatherings of any kind allowed.

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Of course, you will have mixed feelings about this decision, or any decision for that matter, from parents in the community. Some say they will go trick-or-treating with their children in other areas and are appreciative to have other options outside the city limits while also being safe and practicing social distancing.

On the other hand, some parents will be staying in Ville Platte for Halloween and have no plans to trick-or-treat to make sure their kids stay safe. Many plan on getting creative and coming up with safe Halloween activities at their home so their children can still enjoy the night.

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