This is sure to rile up all the Tom Brady haters out there.

Tom Terrific looked more like Tom Te-Finger-Iffic when he was caught flipping the bird to a cabbie. The photo was snapped in New York, where he's already about as popular as an increased subway fare.

What exactly caused the usually unflappable four-time Super Bowl champ and accused ball deflater to lose his cool. According to Quem Acontece (via Google Translate):

Tom Brady was angered by a taxi driver and decided to take out their anger there. This is because the player who was walking with his wife, Gisele Bündchen , the streets of Manhattan in New York , on Monday night ( 7) , did not like the driver at high speed as he crossed the street.

We have a hunch the foul language won't be limited to hand gestures when Brady's Patriots return to the Big Apple next year to face the Jets.

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