A video showing a North Carolina police officer slamming a high school girl to the ground has many online saying his actions are simply "not okay."

The video was posted directly to Twitter on Tuesday, showing a police officer at Rolesville High School lifting the female student up in the air before slamming her to the floor. The officer is then seen picking up her limp body and taking her away by the arms.

School officials are investigating along with the ACLU of North Carolina who said they were disturbed by what they saw in the video.

This kind of force, especially with kids in schools, in never justified.

The officer was responding to an altercation between two girls, when a third girl tried to intervene. That's when the officer slammed her to the ground. One eyewitness stated that the girl was trying to defend her sister.

The officer was wearing a body cam and authorities say the footage will be reviewed, along with footage from another officer's body cam that may have been nearby.

The officer is currently on paid leave while the incident is being investigated.

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