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The Monroe News Star is reporting that a North Louisiana police officer is now behind bars for his alleged participation in the beating of a suspect during an arrest earlier this year.  According to the report, 42-year old Monroe Police Officer Jared Preston Desadier was arrested on Saturday and charged with malfeasance in office and second-degree battery.  He is being held in the Ouachita Correctional Center on a $30,000 bond.

On April 21, 39-year old Timothy Williams was arrested after MPD officers stopped him during an audible alarm investigation.  Allegedly, Williams was in possession of a fake gun and a crack pipe at the time he was being questioned by police.  According to the suspect's complaint, after being searched he decided to run from police - but stopped after a short distance because he "...realized he couldn't outrun them."   The complaint states that when officers caught up to him, as many as 8 officers used excessive force against him.

Williams was transported to St. Francis Medical Center in Monroe, where he was treated for what the report calls "lacerations he suffered while trying to evade capture."  After reviewing the complaint, the MPD has placed 3 additional officers on administrative leave pending the outcome of a full investigation.  Body camera footage is currently being reviewed, and the city of Monroe says it will be available to the public as soon as possible.

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