A group of nurses learned the hard way that TikToks aren't worth your career.

4 Labor and Delivery Nurses at Emory Hospital Midtown in Atlanta were fired following a TikTok that went viral where they were making fun of expectant mothers and what gives them the 'ick'.

I saw the TikTok a few days ago, and it gave me the 'ick' to be honest. These nurses are there to help ensure the mom-to-be is safe, and comfortable and ease any worry that may arise.

The thing these nurses were describing is basic care and comfort. It really made me scratch my head in frustration and confusion at how their job description gave them the 'ick'.

I'm just not sure how the thought process went into doing a TikTok like this...because it showed that they lack empathy in a job where that's a pretty big part of what you do.]

Nurses serve the public and help those in need and ensure that the patient is okay. From big things like severe pain to small things like a cup of water or a blanket...you help. That's the job??

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