How many times have you heard the O'Reilly Auto Parts jingle on the radio?

This is one of the few times I can speak from a professional position and I'm going to say that it may be the most iconic radio jingle on the airwaves.

The jingle is one of those things that you aren't even sure where you heard it first, or where it came from—but can confirm that has just always existed as is. Now, a viral TikTok video has proven that we aren't the only ones with the O'Reilly jingle living rent-free in our heads.

The internet is absolutely losing it over a video that shows the original O'Reilly jingle cast coming together to reenact the iconic ad at a wedding reception.

As far as how the crew got together, we'd have to start with the newlywed couple from Missouri. Patti Crump Lemons and Nick Sibley both have connections to the jingle going all the way back to its creation in the '80s.

Crump Lemons, 51, is a video producer for O'Reilly, and her husband Sibley, 69, is a musician by trade—composing the music for the catchy tune back in the 1980s. The couple met on the job, and the jingle cast was easy to round up due to the fact that they were already at the wedding as close friends and guests of the bride and groom.

Our friends and family didn’t really know what we did for our day jobs. So we’re like, well, let’s just show them and we were all excited.

Crump Lemons said that it didn't take much convincing when the couple brought up doing the skit at their wedding.

They just laughed about it and then we just kind of did it, impromptu

The impromptu recreation of the O'Reilly jingle hit TikTok and immediately went viral.

The newlyweds didn't even catch wind of the video going viral until they were on their honeymoon in Paris.

We just kind of got caught wind of it here in Paris. Somebody called us here [saying it was] on TikTok [and it] was getting a bunch of views. You try to do something like that on purpose and you couldn’t do it.

While Crump Lemons understands how popular the jingle is, it was still hard to fathom the hype surrounding the viral clip.

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What other jingles can we recreate while we're at it? Kart Ranch? Cajun Heartland State Fair? J.P. Thibodeaux?

Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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