Does President Barack Obama have a fake Instagram account?

In a recent voter PSA, the former president dropped a major hint that he was the proud owner of a finsta—which, for those who aren't familiar, is what all the cool kids use to refer to their secret Instagram accounts.

We aren't even sure if Obama is being serious but it was enough to send the internet into a frenzied quest to track down his fake Insta.

You showed me the 'Renegade Challenge' —great name by the way — which I've been enjoying on my finsta

It's very likely that Obama (and just about every A-list celeb or public figure) has some type of burner account to browse the happenings of the world just like the rest of us. I would also assume it's probably some 5-factor authenticated profile that changes on a daily basis due to clearance and overall security.

Famous or not, have you ever tracked down anyone's finsta account? Drop me a note in the comments if so while the internet freaks out over Barack's burner account.

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