Ochsner Lafayette General is apologizing after an attempt at humor fell flat with some of their Facebook followers.

As the Delta variant is causing COVID numbers to trend in the wrong direction, everyone is on edge. Some people who are vaccinated feel like those who aren’t vaccinated are causing us to relive a nightmare. Some people who are unvaccinated say they are tired of feeling like the vaccine is being shoved down their throats.

There are also many healthcare workers and professionals who are exhausted with misinformation and conspiracy theories being pushed from people who feel like memes are more credible than people who have dedicated a significant portion of their lives to the education required for their medical profession.

One way, or another, people are in their feelings about this most recent surge.

Earlier today, the official Facebook account for Ochsner Lafayette General shared a post jokingly asking if they would have to put the vaccine in their popular cafeteria biscuits for people to get vaccinated.

Facebook, Ochsner Lafayette General

While Louisiana is #1 in Covid cases per capita, what makes that number even scarier is that we are also among the worst when it comes to our low vaccination rate.

Needless to say, there were many people who didn’t find Ochsner’s attempt to be cute funny at all.

Facebook, Ochsner Lafayette General

This prompted Ochsner to walk back the joke and apologize for their ill-timed post.

Reactions were mixed, as there were some people who saw the good intentions behind Ochsner’s post, and were upset that “everyone got all butt hurt about it.”

Facebook, Ochsner Lafayette General

Another Facebook user said they were “bummed” that Ochsner had to apologize and complained that “we can’t even laugh anymore without someone getting ‘offended.’” Others didn't find it to be a laughing matter at all.

Facebook, Ochsner Lafayette General

Like I said earlier, people are on edge right now. Some people are scared, while others are simply exhausted. Then there are those who feel like COVID will never go away–including the conspiracy theories that come with it.

Facebook, Ochsner Lafayette General
Facebook, Ochsner Lafayette General

Today wasn’t a good day for Louisiana residents who may have felt that uneasy deja vu when Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards announced he would be reinstating a statewide indoor mask mandate until September 1.

My advice to you: Be safe. Take care of your family. Talk to YOUR doctor about getting vaccinated if you haven’t already.

And last, but not least—give people grace. It’s tough for a lot of folks right now. Believe me when I say a little grace goes a long way.

Today, I'm giving Ochsner grace because the fact that they acknowledged a joke that fell flat and apologized for it speaks volumes about their character as a healthcare leader in our community.

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