It looks like 'Octomom' hasn't had the best of luck lately. The infamous mother of 14 recently went topless for 'Closer Magazine' as a last resort to make ends meet. Even though she reportedly had a quick payday in the neighborhood of $8,000 for the shoot, it simply wasn't enough, and now Nadya Suleman is officially on welfare.

According to TMZ, 'Octomom' is getting $2000 a month from the State of California. The money is directly deposited into a special debit card account that can only be used for the purchase of food. She qualified for the monthly allowance of $2000 because her income is less than $119,000 - which entitles a family of 15 that makes less than that amount for welfare benefits.

Of course, there has been some serious backlash from Suleman's decision to do what she vowed she would never do back in 2010. Just hours after the story broke, she was already receiving threatening phone calls from blocked numbers, emails and Facebook messages along the lines of "Die b*tch. I’m not working for your f**king kids, you’re the one that wanted them."

Despite all the threats, Octo hasn't called the cops (yet), and according to her "this is only a temporary situation - one or two months at the most." She claims to have tried everything to avoid this situation and says "becoming totally destitute" has forced her to reach this point. She also feels that people should be directing their anger towards those who are abusing the system and not her.

Umm? In case you guys didn't know, 'Octomom' kind of did the whole 'single mother of 14 children' thing on purpose.

Do you think 'Octomom' did this to herself? Should a situation as extreme as hers qualify for government assistance? Is she a hypocrite for pointing the finger at those who "abuse" the system? Comment below!