A 34-year-old guy in Florida was in court last week facing a misdemeanor charge for an obscured license plate. He decided to defend himself in court and on his big day he wore a t-shirt that read, "Eff The Police." Only, his shirt was not PG-Rated. 

Michael Burns of Broward County, Florida said that his license plate was not obscured and that police were targeting him because of his past with them. Burns is known to follow police and videotape them during their traffic stops.

Even though Burns' shirt was not in his favor in the courtroom, he still WON the case. After the prosecutors heard the details of the case, they dropped the misdemeanor charge.

And if you're wondering, no he was not cited for contempt of court while wearing this shirt. If this guy thinks he was targeted by police before, after wearing this---I'm certain they will have an eye out for him again.

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