A "Hi-Tech Toddler" gave her parents quiet a surprise when they got their monthly cellphone bill in the mail. London Hall, who is 20-months-old, bought two phone 'apps' that cost $100 each while playing with the phone. London's mom tells KWTV, "I just stood their with my mouth open. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry."

The parents, like many of us, would allow their child to play with their cell phone when she demanded they allow her to. Unfortunately for them at the time, their cellphone was not password protected, thus the toddler had complete access to their phone, settings, and more.


Luckily for her parents, London's actions and orders placed have since been wiped from their bill. After making a few phone calls to explain their situation, the parents had the $200 charges erased from their bill. Her father says, "You have to be impressed with her ability to problem solve and to work her way through things. But ultimately you kind of feel suckered a little bit.’

I think the lesson here for most of us is DON'T LET KIDS PLAY WITH THE CELLPHONE!!! While they may demand it by screaming and kicking, the cellphone is nothing to play with. Now, if you feel the urge to give in, I'd HIGHLY recommend that you have your phone protected via a password. Having charges removed may not always be that easy, and the embarrassment that may ensue from your toddler on your phone may be irreversible.