A video has surfaced that clearly shows a Chinese speed skater cheating at the Olympics.

From their "bubble" treatment of athletes to complaints about lodging and food, this year's Winter Olympics haven't been without controversy. Add those complaints from athletes to the (alleged) well-known atrocities committed by the Chinese government on its own people, and things get downright depressing.

It appears that China will stop at (almost) nothing to silence any critics of its government, censoring any citizen who speaks out against it. They were even able to get Chinese tennis great Peng Shuai to walk back her allegations of sexual assault against a retired top Chinese official. She now says that her original social media post (which was deleted shortly after she had posted it) was just a "misunderstanding", according to Reuters.

There was confusion during the short-track during the China-Hungary competition, when the Hungarian skater was disqualified even though it appeared that the Chinese skater pushed him (he did, but the Hungarian skater pushed first). Check it out in this video:


Now we come to the race between the Chinese and Canadian women's short-track speed skating.

via Reddit
via Reddit

In the video below, you'll see a hand slide one of the markers into the skate of Canadian skater Alyson Charles's skate, causing her to tumble out of the race.

At first, it was thought that her teammate owned the hand that slid the marker into Charles's skate, but upon closer inspection, it became clear that Chinese Olympian Fan Kexin was the one who sabotaged Charles.


The result of this race would have put the two top skaters into the semifinal round of competition. Since Charles was in second place at the time of the incident, they allowed her to advance to the semifinal round where, unfortunately, she failed to move on to the finals.

After Charles fell, officials reviewed the footage and wrongly disqualified her teammate, Florence Brunelle, after she allegedly "made contact" with another skater.

Again, the footage clearly shows that it was the Chinese skater that slid the marker into Charles's skate.

Now, if marker sliding was an Olympic sport, it is clear that the Chinese would do well because that bit of sabotage was executed flawlessly!

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