Let us introduce you to Claire Lomas, a woman who is paralyzed from the chest down, yet was still able to finish the London Marathon 16-Days after the start of it. The 32-year-old athlete, who's been paralyzed from the chest down since 2007, completed the race wearing a $70,000 ReWalk bionic suit, which helped her to complete about two miles a day. Still, the London Marathon would NOT reward her a medal for her achievement because the young lady did not complete the race the day it started. Luckily, Renegade Sir Richard Branson, the head of Virgin, which sponsored the race, took matters into his own hands and awarded Lomas the Virgin Trophy for 2012.

In her efforts, the paralyzed athlete was able to raise $137,000 for Spinal Research through her sponsors. This young lady should be an inspiration to all of us. Even after an accident left her unable to walk in 2007, it could not hold her down!! The message she to all of us is plain and simple, IF YOU WANT IT....IT'S THERE FOR YOU TO ACCOMPLISH!! So touching!! For more this story go to FoxSports




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