It may be safe to say that Paris Hitlon is no longer as popular as she once was. Her new show on the Oxygen Network, The World According To Paris, bombed last week in ratings. While she blames the network for the show's lack of success, entertainment writers simply feel that Paris has lost her sizzle with pop-culture and with her fans. In a recent interview on Good Morning America, she becomes uncomfortable after a few hard questions, and proceeds to walk-off the set.When the reporter in the interview questions Paris about her poularity, or there lack of now, she becomes rather uncomfortable and walks away for a few minutes. However, she does return for the interview, and even proceeds to show-off her massive "dog house" towards the end of the interview.

Now I, like many, do believe that Paris' fame may have come and gone. Still, she is a fashion icon, yet are we as viewers really that intrigued with her life or that concerned with what she has to say? I think not. My prediction is simple, Paris' fame will continue to plumment, and she will do as most do in the entertainment industry when they feel they are no longer relevant, she will put herself back in the "news." Watch for Paris to get into some sort of trouble or controversy in the near future, just to keep her name and self relevant before the media and it's viewers.