It's time for the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns home opener as Northwestern State comes to town Saturday for the annual Herbert Heymann Football Classic.  Kickoff is slated for 6pm.  There are some changes, policy-wise as far as parking for the game is concerned.  Here's the skinny.

NO PASS, NO ENTRY---The entire Cajun Field parking lot is now reserved for RCAF members with a parking pass.  Season ticket holders who donate at the $250 level are entitled to have a pass to park within the boundaries of Cajun Field.

GENERAL PARKING---The grassy areas across from Congress will be the primary area for General Parking.  This includes the area between the University Medical Center  and the LITE Building.  That area has been raised and leveled and will be the first parking area.  The area behind the Hilton Garden Inn will also be used.  That entire area should be able to hold 15,000 cars, which should make any other parking area unnecessary.

IN CASE OF INCLEMENT WEATHER--The area across from Cajun Field may not be available.  In that case, primary parking will be at the CAJUNDOME (when available) and Blackham Coliseum.  Overflow parking will be directed to the parking garage near the Old Lourdes Hospital and then to campus lots.  Shuttle service WILL be available at the Lourdes Parking Garage and campus sites, but NOT from Blackham Coliseum.

TRAFFIC CONTROL:  As you may have figured out, traffic, especially on Congress, gets pretty ridiculous on game day, especially for those who haven't read the first two paragraphs of this story.  This year, there will be traffic control and EVERYONE should pay attention to this:

Traffic control on game day (especially if the weather is good) will begin around 2pm.  Here's what you need to know:

COMING ON CONGRESS FROM LAFAYETTE HIGH.  Once you get to Bertrand, the extreme right hand lane will be for people with parking passes (and people turning right onto Bertrand/North College).  All other traffic will be a mandatory left turn.  The General parking area will be accessed by turning left onto Bertrand and then right at Devalcourt (where Delhomme Funeral Home is).  NO TRAFFIC will be allowed to remain on Congress without a parking pass.

COMING ON CONGRESS FROM LAFAYETTE MIDDLE SCHOOL:  All traffic will be diverted onto Cajundome Boulevard and game traffic will be directed to the General parking area.  NOTE;  THERE IS NO LEFT TURN ALLOWED INTO THE RESERVED PARKING AREA AT CAJUN FIELD COMING FROM THIS DIRECTION.

COMING UP NORTH COLLEGE/BERTRAND:  Fans with parking passes may turn right onto Congress.  General Traffic can turn left on Congress or go straight.  General Parking will be directed onto Devalcourt into the General Parking area.

COMING UP BERTRAND FROM I-10/CAMERON--General Parking will turn left onto Devalcourt.  Fans who have a parking pass WILL be allowed to turn left at Congress.  All other traffic must go straight, continuing on Bertrand, OR  must turn right onto Congress.  NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO TURN LEFT ONTO CONGRESS WITHOUT A PARKING PASS.

It is HIGHLY recommended that those planning to go to the game check the gameday page, or use Twitter (@ulgameday) or the Ragin Cajuns' Athletic Page on Facebook to get updates on traffic situations, especially as it gets closer to game time.

HANDICAPPED PARKING AREA CHANGES---In the past, handicapped parking has been on the west side of Cajun Field.  This year, to comply with state law, that area has been moved to the East side. (In the past, the handicapped parking area on the west side was deemed too far away from the entrance to the stadium.)  Those who need to use the handicapped parking area will be allowed to enter the EAST side of the Cajun Field parking lot where there are 86 parking spots available.  HOWEVER, the handicapped tag must match the license plate.  No using Grandmas tag just because you don't feel like walking.  And once again, entrance to the lot must be a RIGHT turn.

TAILGATING:  Obviously, tailgating spots at Cajun Field are reserved.  This includes eighteen new tailgating spots created this year on the grassy area of the East side of Cajun Field.  Game day general tailgating spots (for both RV's and General tailgating) will be available at Blackham Coliseum for individual games on a first come, first serve basis for $125.00.  (Here's a hint:  If you want one, get there EARLY.  Like before 10am.  Those go pretty quickly.)  Those tailgating spots will be RV only spots on days when inclement weather is expected in order for Blackham lots to be used for General Parking.

SINGLE GAME TICKETS-- Fans are urged to get single game tickets in advance at the CAJUNDOME Box Office prior to game day.  On game day, the ticket booth at Gate C (the northwest entrance to Cajun Field) opens at 10am.  The main ticket booth at M. L. "Tigue" Moore Field opens at noon.

That's a lot of information, we know.  Once again, a good idea to use Facebook (Ragin' Cajuns Athletics) and Twitter (@ulgameday) or check the UL athletics website for game day updates.

You can also listen to the broadcast of all Cajuns football games:

Radio - ESPN1420 (AM) or Hot 107.9 (FM)

Computer - // or //

Mobile device (iPhone and Android) -  radioPup (and selecting either of those two radio stations).