Have you ever wondered what it would be like to grow up with lots of money? To have what ever you want in life. To be handed over any car you want, without paying a penny for it or working for it. Hmmmm. That would be nice, I guess. Check out what Paul Attanasio's spoiled son had to say, in his rich kid rant. Watch him make fun of someone's car that actually worked for it.

Not saying all rich kids act like this, but the ones that do need to be taught a lesson. If I was this kid's dad, I would take that car away in a heartbeat. Some of the hateful slurs he uses is just not right. What would you do if this kid did this to you? I think the guy that is filming did the right thing, by showing the world. Instead of getting out and fighting.

Honestly this kid looks like a total D-Bag.

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