Meet Amanda Markert, Pauly D's sloppy hook-up turned baby momma. I guess he did right the 1st and only time they hooked up. Amanda is a former Hooters girl and now works as a VIP host at some of the biggest clubs in Las Vegas. You would think its all diamonds and roses for Amanda but, it's not. Her and Pauly are now in a heated legal battle for custody of their beautiful 5-month old baby girl Amabella.

Pauly thinks she's not a fit mother, but when you're in a heated battle, you'll say anything to hurt the other person, and from all the rumors, they hate each other. Amanda does have another child, a little boy and he looks like a very happy little boy and loving his new little sister. The other crazy thing is, Amanda has no pictures of her and Pauly on her instagram, but has plenty of pics with Pauly D's best friend 'Big Jerry'. That's the guy that lost a ton of weight. You can see them in the pic below.

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