We reported that Pauly D was now a father, what we didn't know, as reported by TMZ, is that the baby is already 5-months old. He met his now baby momma while living in Las Vegas around the Fall of 2012. His beautiful baby girl's name is Amabella, born on May 15. The name means LOVEABLE in French. No word if the baby will take Pauly's last name or not.If you were wondering, like I was, Is Pauly D sure that this baby is his? He has already taken a DNA test and results show a 99.9% probability that she is his baby. So, no Jerry or Maury will be needed in this case. Only question we have now, is there going to be a spin-off of the Jersey Shore called 'The Parents of the Jersey Shore', 'Baby Shore' or will they wait about 18 years and have their kids on the show? Hmm, something to think about. One thing we do know is the "D" in Pauly D means Daddy. ; )



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