Nostalgic for the good ol' days of school but also love the Louisiana outdoors?? Check this out: the former Pecan Island School, a property that has seen generations of students roam its halls, is now up for grabs.

However, this isn't just any ordinary piece of real estate; it's a one-of-a-kind hunting lodge that offers a unique blend of the old and the new.

Located at 28902 W La Hwy 82, the building retains its classic exterior, complete with the "Pecan Island School" signage still displayed proudly. Step inside, though, and the experience is anything but typical schooling. Forget tiny classrooms and cramped cafeterias—this Louisiana hunting lodge sports a full basketball court inside a sprawling school gymnasium.

Charles Ditch, Keaty Real Estate, Facebook
Charles Ditch, Keaty Real Estate, Facebook

I mean who doesn't want to continue trash-talking with their podnahs from the tree stand to the three-point line at the camp?

Need to cool off after all that basketball and trash-talking or a day out hunting? Dive into the full-size swimming pool for some much-needed relaxation. Forget about packing lunches; a colossal kitchen capable of feeding a cafeteria full of people awaits you. Whether it's preparing a feast for the whole family or a hearty meal after a long day outdoors, this kitchen has you covered.

Charles Ditch, Keaty Real Estate, Facebook
Charles Ditch, Keaty Real Estate, Facebook

Listed at $995,000, the 39,000 square-foot facility is a literal Sportsman's Paradise for hunting and fishing enthusiasts. Charles Ditch at Keaty Real Estate says, "This is an extraordinary opportunity for anyone who loves the outdoors. This property has stood the test of time and is built to endure."

Concerns about maintenance and weather resistance are already alleviated. The structure is built with solid concrete, steel, and copper piping on an elevated slab. Situated at the highest point on Pecan Island, the lodge boasts a record of zero floods, making it a reliable storm shelter and even a bomb shelter for that extra peace of mind.

For those looking for the ultimate hunting lodge experience in South Louisiana, Pecan Island School Lodge offers it all—adventure, camaraderie, and even a touch of nostalgia.

"The experience you get here is unparalleled," says Charles Ditch. "You're not just buying a property; you're investing in a lifetime of memories and unique experiences."

For more information or to make this lodge your ultimate outdoorsman’s paradise, contact Charles Ditch at

Get ready to score this one-of-a-kind catch before it's gone because y'all know Cajun people are resourceful and love a clever concept, and this deal is bound to get snapped up quickly.

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